Massage can help!

I accept insurance. Many Florida Insurance carriers cover massage therapy. Talk to your Insurance carrier or go online to their website and see if yours covers it! You may only have a small copay!

My therapy is based on the clients needs. We will discuss your needs in private before each session and good communication during the session is essential for your comfort and recovery. Music (table stereo), heat, cold, fan, table warmer, pressure, area of bodywork, and level of disrobing is completely controlled by the client.

I use some or all of the following…

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone, Neuro-muscular, Stretching, Sports, Reflexology, Heat/Cold packs and more.

All treatments are $60.00 per hour or your insurance co-pay. We offer a wellness plan for cash clients that come in on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Please ask us for details!

Longer treatments are not a problem and can be up to 2 hours depending on your needs!

Massage with Eric Smith call (850) 936-8664

or ‘Click Here’ for Online Booking!

If you are having problems that require chiropractic and/or medical attention please call the same number and Christy will be able to guide you to care with Dr. Brett Baird D.C. or one of our nurse practitioners. If you have been involved in a car accident Dr. Baird is an expert in all matters for accidents and has a wealth of knowledge in these cases, which can be complicated and confusing. Dr. Baird is very versed in the Florida laws that deal with auto accidents. We also have many services including PRP injections, Regenerative cellular medicine injections, Infrared Sauna, Supartz knee injections, Spinal decompression therapy, TENS, Shoulder injections, Medical weight loss, and many more. Dr. Brett Baird is highly respected and has been in the Navarre, Florida area serving the community for well over fifteen years. You won’t find a better chiropractor in this area.